YouTube downloader – how to use it

Here are some thoughts about a YouTube downloader. Firstly we have to decide that what or which video we want to download other is open the software we want to use for the download. Before that download the software you wish to use for video downloading. Than after download open it. Then after opening go to the desired site you want to download the video. Open that site in the downloader and paste the URL of that site in the downloader. After that use the format that you want to download video in it can be mp3, mp4 or any other format you wish and possible or allowed or present. Then click the setting and choose the file where you want to store video in. Then click the video download button and wait for the video to start downloading and after that enjoy your video.

How to use a youtube downloader on an iphone or an ipad

youtube downloaderFirstly do not upgrade the software as some files or apps are available on iphone and are cracked. Secondly open youtube and copy the link or url of the song you want to download.Then go to the documents 5 file on the iphone. Once downloaded open the app. Then choose the format of the file you want to download video in. once downloaded you will have the file in the downloaded section of the documents 5. In android and pc also same procedure is used to get the video downloaded. In some devices you can’t download software so go to setting and allow the installation of files from unknown servers and then enjoy your video.

In downloading use of software. The correct URL of the particular song is very important. Other than that storage is very much important before downloading check your device that it the required storage is there or not. And then location do you can easily locate file after download.