Katy Perrys new Swish Swish climbs YouTube charts

The new album “Witness” by Katy Perry is out now. And with her new single “Swish Swish”, the singer is climbing not only YouTube charts. She has also announced her tour-dates for europe. “Witness” is the 5th album from Katy Perry, it was released by Capitol Records.

New album

In 2015, Katy Perry takes after her world tour a time out for herself, to regenerate and developing new songs. In june, 2017, Katy Perry released her new album. YouTube and Spotify made big promotions around her new album. The singerin made a 4-day-long livestream from an apartment, users could see, how Perry is living and what she is doing all the days. The first single from the album, Chained to the Rhythm, was released in February 2017. It climbs to #1 in the charts in hungary by only one week.