Release date Apple iPhone X

A few days ago, Apple was introducing their new products (inlcuding iPhone X) in the new Steve Jobs Theatre. Apple fans were waiting for this day so long. See here this introducing video.

There are such a few new releases: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the very new iPhone X – with the brand new Apple called FaceID. While the iPhone 8 is coming in the end of september, for iPhone X you have to wait more days again. You can pre-order it, but the wont deliver it before november. The price for the new iPhone X starts at 999$, it comes with 64GB or 256GB. With the new OLED-driven display, the smartphones are getting a much prettier look in the hand. And – you will be able to record videos in 4K. Critical members says, that there is nothing new in it, some other phones, such as Samsung or Huawei will be sticked with the most of the functions in their last models.

Happy Birthday, iPhone X

Apple iPhone XAbout ten years ago, Apple presented their first, new iPhone. It was the strongest product in the whole Apple family. Today, more the 1.2 milliards of iPhones are sold, but rumors sayed, this peak and hype of some last models would never be reached again. The smartphone market is very hard – and other companies had worked very hard to bring some nice smartphones on the market.

Release Date iOS 11: 19th september?

At the product presentation, there was only a small info of the release date from iOS11. It should be able to download on september, 19th. You should have a look to Apple’s Website, to find out, when the new operation system would be able to download. You can update all devices later than iPhone 5s or iPad Air2. On thing after this presentation is also very clear: There comes no iPhone, called iPhone 9.